Internal and External

More we want to ignore our inner voices, more we increase the volume of external voices.

So thats why people hear music on full volume…

Letting go

Sometimes it becomes so easy to let things go and people go. I Wonder why, is it sign from God to let things go as its there time and time for new things to come.

And why did we hold onto them for so long… Why we cudnt let them go earlier.

Unike birds, animals; why human beings cling on to things untill they die. May they dont have an option to take things after they die else they would have done so as well..





We can never leave past, its always tagged with us. We say its past; really.

Why cant we erase the past like a kid does. (but even he leaves the marks behind).

Did God took the eraser from us to erase our mistakes or even he forgot to invent it. Or we haven’t yet invented it.

Now got it, then we would have never learnt from our mistakes.